Hitting mailboxes this weekend...

I know that 95% of postcards end up in the trash within seconds of you receiving it. And believe me, I don't like receiving them either, but I've made the commitment to try to get as many listings in our neighborhood so that I can get the sellers of these homes the most money possible. And we NEED to get the sales prices UP here because there are WAY too many (non-resident) agents selling our homes for too little money. The agents some people hire have no vested interest in our neighborhood and unfortunately they are not looking at the rest of the homeowners left behind when they sell quickly and for way too little money. Another problem is that the homes that sit on the market often need help with marketing, staging and good old fashioned curb-appeal. I'm here to do that because I live here and every sale, EVERY SALE impacts the value of my own home. So hold onto my card, put it in the kitchen junk drawer with all the miscellaneous stuff, old keys, that tiny screwdriver, the matches from that restaurant that closed 12 years ago...and call me when you are thinking about selling your home.

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