Want to meet neighbors? Throw a party!

Thank you to everyone for making our 1st Phillippi Gardens Block Party a huge success! What a wonderful night it was, getting to meet over 80 neighbors who showed up with all lots of kids, dogs and delicious eats!

Let's keep it up. A Halloween 2019 Party is already in the works. Does anyone have any suggestions for something this Spring (perhaps around Easter?) or how about something around the holidays. With so many kids, perhaps one of the mommies would like to put together a play date group for the neighborhood. Or dare I even suggest a book club (oh, who are we kidding, wine and gossip!) or a quarterly progressive supper club. Let me know and I'll help get the ball rolling!

Additionally, if you would like to be involved in possibly putting together a community association (voluntary, just for representation's sake, NOT to tell you to mow your lawn, etc.), help with the Sign Replacement Project that Andrew and Brad are working on or would like to find more about dredging the canals for those on the water, let me know. Send me your email and when we are more organized we will reach out.

Phillippi Gardens: you are awesome!! Let's keep up the momentum and stay in touch! Best, Liz

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