The Talking House in Phillippi Gardens

My husband and I personally live in the frankly UNDERVALUED neighborhood of Phillippi Gardens, in what was called "The Talking House" a model home with all the 'bells and whistles' for the day and was the headliner in the Parade of Homes in 1960. No expense was spared, according to the spread I found on microfiche at the library. Over the years, different owners made the home their own. Taking down walls, moving the kitchen, etc. And like many homes in the post boom years (2007-2010) the house had fallen in disrepair and was heading to foreclosure when we found it. My husband insisted it had 'good bones' but I couldn't see beyond the smell of cigarettes, toads and cockroaches and evidence that someone had fallen on hard times. Never could I imagine living here. With some good cleaning, new flooring, new walls, new finishes, new roof and keeping up with pest control and relocating dozens of toads, we now have a home that is frankly too big but fits our lifestyle just right. Spaces for him and for me, for our dog, for the occasional guest and a whole bedroom used as storage for my staging materials for listings that need a little help! As a bonus, we found out that the home was designed by Erwin Gremli II, considered to be one of the architects in The Sarasota School of Architecture. It's a one of a kind and I'm so glad my husband go me to overlook the toads!

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Jan. 31, 1960 Illustration of "The Talking House"

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