Cleaning tips for last minute showings!

AHHHHH! Your Realtor just called and you have a showing request...There's crap all over the kitchen counters, it smells of whatever you made for dinner the night before and there are 8 pairs of flip flops on the living room floor.

Here are some tried and true methods to make sure if you have last minute showings or if you need to leave the house for work 'show ready':

1. Get some bins from Bed Bath and Beyond and throw any mail, paper receipts, phone adapters or odd items in them that are strewn on your kitchen counters. Make sure a large magazine is placed on top. It hides the nightmare below it! If you have shoes laying everywhere, throw them in that...slide them behind the sofa.

2. Pop up Lysol wipes are PERFECT for when you're trying to get out of there FAST, so get some of those; Costco and other big box stores sell 4 packs for about 10 bucks. There's nothing more gross than being an agent standing with your customer discussing the home, putting a hand on the counters and it's sticky or covered in crumbs. Keep a tub of them in each bathroom too.

3. If you have 15 minutes to make the house smell good and don't have time to get that oil diffuser to make a difference, turn UP the a/c, find the a/c return and then spritz a soft scent (nothing too floral and not men's cologne!), something lemony or minty. You can also take a paper towel, put 5 drops of essential oil on it and let the paper towels sheet suck up to the return, pulling the sent throughout the house. My other trick trick is getting an empty spray bottle, filling it 1/2 way with water and rubbing alcohol and 15 drops of citrus or lavender essential oil and walking through the house.

4. Start using a duvet and get rid of the blankets and top sheets. Additionally have two Euro squares at the ready. If you can't make a bed that only has a comforter on it...all is lost with you! Do a quick shake out and throw those euro square over your pillows!

5. Dog beds, no matter how adorable, go in your car or the garage. Dog dishes too!

6. A lot of people in Florida learn that sometimes our sinks stink and burp up gas (especially in older homes). Keep a bottle of bleach handy and before you leave the house, pour a splash down the sinks. and shower drain. If it's too strong, run a little water. Buyers like to think that the house their buying is clean and bleach reminds them of that!

If you can make any suggestions, feel free to send me a note at Happy Showings!

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