TO DO: Selby Gardens

I'm embarrassed to admit that in the 17 years that I've lived here in Sarasota, I have NEVER been to Selby Gardens (Marie Selby Botanical Gardens) despite it being in the top 5 list of things to do here! When a customer, who I sold a house to, invited me yesterday, I casually thought "why not" and an hour later we were walking through enjoying the current Warhol exhibit, expansive paths and bay-front vistas. I don't consider myself a huge lover of plants and flowers (I end up killing pretty much and orchid or plant that comes into my house; I was NOT born with a green thumb) but I HAVE become a fan of Florida nature, the butterflies, the lizards, the balmy breezes off the water. And I used to be handy with a camera in my last life (not so much with digital cameras but I still try) so I found plenty of subjects yesterday. The membership for two is reasonable at $100 per year, allowing you to bring a guest (or a client!) and even just an excuse to take a walk through or perhaps have a picnic with a loved one, watching the sailboats on the bay or just sit on one of the MANY benches, surrounded by children's laughter, numerous chimes and Buddhist gongs. Definitely an experience to be had here in Sarasota!

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