Phillippi Gardens owes it's popularity to where it's located. Only 10 minutes south of a bustling downtown but so close to shopping and commerce on Stickney Point Road as well as around the corner from the South Bridge to Siesta Key. The developers were smart to plat the neighborhood with generous lot sizes and sidewalks on the main thoroughfares of Constitution and Britannia. There are mainland waterfront properties as well as Sarasota School of Architecture mid century bungalows. Slowly, we're seeing properties being redeveloped and seeing those original homes updated and modified for today's needs and styles. I believe Phillippi Gardens, where I live, by the way, has been historically under valued so I'm not surprised that we are seeing our values as well as limited inventory.

My goal is make sure that homes here are sold for what they are worth AND for as much as possible. The value that is established when your house closes impacts the value of mine and I want it UP THERE!!!

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