An Electrician is your Friend!


BUYERS: Not only do I suggest a comprehensive Home Inspection with a licensed Home Inspector, I also suggest that you get a licensed electrician out to check over the panel. Many homes in Sarasota are older and we often have no idea of the history of a home and the scope of work done on it over the years. Additionally, there are some electrical panels that insurance companies will not accept which will cost you $1000+ to replace AFTER CLOSING, something you could possibly negotiate with the seller had you known. Hiring an electrician for 30 minutes of their time during the inspection period is a drop in the bucket when buying a home and is a smart thing to do!

SELLERS: Before you put your home on the market and if you haven't already, take the time to make sure your panels are labeled correctly. It'll take an hour on your own or hire the electrician to do it.. Also, if there are double tapped fuses, go ahead and have a licensed electrician fix that for you because I promise that the Buyer's inspector will mark up their report for that and depending on the Buyer, they may get nervous and think the house may have other electrical issues that they can't see. I've literally had deals where the Buyers walked on a perfectly good house that just needed $200 of work!


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