Where do Buyers come from?

When I started in real estate in 14 years ago, newspaper advertising was still an effective way to advertise a home. Today only 1% of homes are sold that way! What works?

  • Today, with everything online, having a home that really POPS in pictures is key into not getting passed over as Buyers online and Realtors alike! Pay for a professional photographer to shoot the home.

  • Having a Realtor who can not only sell the home, but knows the area, the ins and outs of the neighbor is paramount.

  • And most importantly, price the home correctly. Look at the last 90 days of sales and adjust accordingly (condition, age, etc.). A buyer getting a loan will not be able to buy your house if it doesn't appraise out. A cash buyer is NOT going to buy an overpriced home either, just because they can!

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