The Times, they are a-Changin'...

What part of Lido Shores was this house built in?

Or was it on the bay on Siesta Key...The Museum area?

Nope, nope and nope!

As we're seeing land prices rise slowly but surely, we're seeing more new construction in neighborohoods that are considered "older" and less expensive and certainly not fancy schmancy enough for a house that looks like this. Have you figured out where? Phillippi Gardens, just off Constitution Boulevard, north of Stickney Point! This truly unique home, designed by Halflants + Pichette, stands out amongst the modest ranches around it built in the early 1960s. My hats off to the owners of ths property and their courage to spend the $$$ on what has to be the most expensive and COOLEST home in the neighborhood! I look forward to seeing more changes in my neighborhood once the word is out! To find out what properties are available in this highly undervalued neighborhood, CLICK HERE!

(Rendering from Halflants + Pichette's website

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