Eat Fresh and Local!

I just got back from the Phillippi Farmhouse Farmers Market and look what I bought! Fresh eggs, shitake mushrooms and Red Leaf romaine lettuce with their roots still on! I live south in Phillippi Gardens and am lucky that the farmers market is located at the end of my street at 41 and Constitution Blvd. I could go up to the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday's but why!? From October to April, they are open 9 to 2pm and have a wonderful group of local vendors that not only include the organic farmers but also have several food trucks, a dog wash, an orchid vendor, a pickle man, a knife sharpener just to name a few! Any chance I get, I support local growers and vendors. For more info, click the links below:

Phillippi Farmhouse Farmers Market, Downtown Sarasota Farmers Market

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