Staging: It WORKS!

Staging is a funny thing – We know it ABSOLUTELY works, but when it comes down to paying for it, we don’t always understand the return on doing it and often skip it. When putting on a new roof or redoing a master bathroom, you can pretty easily estimate the amount of return you will get, but it's not until you have a 'before' situation with a house that just sits there for months and an 'after' situation where the same house for the same price sells within days, it's obvious what did it.

Bedroom: declutter, new linens, hung wall art

Removed several small tables, added art, put the vacuum away and made the bed 'boho chic'

Home Staging is an art form. Watching people who do it professionally, as they separate their preferences and tastes and look at a house from a buyer's perspective, seeing the house for the first time and applying what they know what will show the home in it's best light, is always amazing.

"The goal of good staging is to allow a buyer to see a house and understand how the house flows and feel what it would be like for them to live there. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your house."

Bathroom: new curtain, rug, declutter

Rolled towels, new shower curtain, cleaned off counter turns this messy bathroom into a place I'd use!

Follow along these lines and you will most likely sell your home FASTER and for MORE MONEY!

  • Remove as much clutter and personal belongings as much as possible. You don’t want buyers thinking “I don’t like that art”, you want them thinking “I could put my art there”. Often just taking out knick-knacks and extra furniture will open the space up and allow people to see their own things there. Also, do you really want people looking at your wedding pictures from 1987 and all the kids pics? Nope.

  • 'Neutralize'. It's not 'blah''s 'ahhhh'. Buyers need to see the house and imagine it's a place that will be a relaxing place to come home to. Sometimes that means a little bit of painting over those yellow walls, sometimes it means putting that bright red sofa you love in storage.

  • Use or purchase a few items that will make your house “pop”. Typically, if I'm doing my own staging, I head to Home Goods or onto Wayfair for new bed linens, pillows for the couch and some new 'neutral' art. It also could mean changing out the lighting fixtures or putting a new rug in the living room. Expect to spend about $500 and remember, chances are you can take most of it with you (minus the light fixture unless you exclude it in the listing!).

Just a note: If you work with a stager, don’t take anything the stager say about your house personally! They are looking at it from the buyer’s side!

Misc. Room turned into an ensuite den/office!

Small room off of Master Bedroom was a second thought but then turned into an office.

Recently I used Staged By Design up in St. Pete. Greg, who owns the company, has a really nice group of designers and installers and his prices are extremely reasonable. Staging costs vary widely but typically are the Seller's responsibility. If it's not in the budget, your Realtor probably won't mind helping you out with some staging ideas. If you don't mind doing some physical labor or buying (or renting!) a piece or two of furniture, you'll be able to show off your home in it's best light!

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