How Long Does it Take to Sell a House?

The easy part of the answer to this is the time it takes to get a house on the market. Once you make the decision to put the house on the market, give yourself a couple of weeks to get the house staged so your agent can get great photos and prepare a listing that really shows off the best features of your house (remember that the listing is what attracts buyers in today’s technology-centric world). Sellers today will sometimes have a home inspection done as well and correct minor issues before they come up during a contract (more on this later).

The second part of how long it takes a house to sell once it on the market is the harder answer. You and your agent will work closely together to figure out a pricing strategy that works for you. Your agent will come up with a market estimate based on comparable properties, unique qualities of your home, and current market conditions. Simply put, this selling price should normally attract offers quickly and the offers should be close to this price. You may decide that you want to price higher than this to try to maximize the amount of money you can get for your house, which sometimes means that you have to wait longer to get offers. When you see listing that have been on the market for long periods of time (often call “Actual Days on Market” or “ADOM”), they are often priced much higher than market, or are a property that may appeal to a very small number of sellers.

With these two parts, you and your agent should be able to work out a strategy that meets your needs in terms of both amount of time to complete the sale as well as pricing to meet your financial needs. Remember that market conditions often change due to outside influences (beyond your control), so it is a good idea to discuss some of the possibilities to keep your agent up to date with what your goals are to sell your house.

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