Considered one of the best neighborhoods today, Harbor Acres, once know as Cummer Park, was purchased in 1923 by Mrs. A. E. Cummer and mostly was considered a mosquito breeding swamp of impassable mangroves.  After the economy started to recover after WWII, the land was designed and developed with landfill (!)  in the late 40s.  By 1951, all but four of the lots were sold; Click here to see the Herald Tribune article!  Then you could buy a lot for $10,000 and today an inside, non waterfront lot will cost you no less than $700,000+.  A waterfront lot with open bay views could fetch $2-3M!  Most of the original homes that were built in the 50s are gone now, replaced by 2-3 story mansions and the people that can afford to live there enjoy closeness to downtown and the white sands of Siesta!